Sanjouin Chigusa (thewickedqueen) wrote in setebos_city,
Sanjouin Chigusa

A Prince with a False Princess.

Chigusa's eyes widened ever-so-subtly at Ruka's final comment on the madeleines. She was no stranger to the language that called itself metaphor; indeed, sometimes that's all she saw fit to speak in. Never mind Japanese or English or German or Russian, or any other language that prided itself on concise meaning: metaphor was the language that transcended all languages, and said what truly needed to be said.

Did Tsuchiya-sempai have...a thing for her boss? Is that what caused the bitter notes to pepper his speech when he spoke of her? Or even beyond that: did he feel that one emotion which set homosapiens apart from panthers, snakes, butterflies, and all manner of other beasts: love? The one true human emotion in which Chigusa did not herself believe?

That would explain my impression of his character. He is a lover, a romantic. The manner of things I engage in have probably never even crossed his mind in passing thought. Then we are opposites, he and I: he is truly a wandering prince. But does he realize that the 'damsel in distress' he has rescued this night deserves nothing from him? That she is not a damsel, but in fact a hollowed-out wreck, a wretch beyong rescuing? He was very intelligent, that was clear; and so he probably knew her for what she was: a partially crazed snake-in-the-grass, untrusting of human contact. And that would make his actions all the more noble, as he had assisted her regardless, and without expecting a carnal reward for his trouble.

She settled more comfortably into his chaste hold, feeling truly safe in the prescence of a man for the first time since she was nine; since she had been forced to strip and bend, holding her knees, for her own dear uncle. "You are a true gentleman, Tsuchiya-sempai," she whispered, choosing the more specific and respectful -sempai over the stiff and socially polite -san. "And for that, I thank you."

They stopped their progress down the sidewalk as they came to his car. He opened the passenger-side door for her, and she slipped in and sat back into the soft interior. Once he closed the door for her, she sighed, arched her back, and cracked her knuckles before settling into a more ladylike pose in the seat. She watched as he got in, fingering his rearview talisman with the casual ease of someone repeating an oft-used ritual, and shut his own door.

A few moments at the radio, and Für Elíse began to trickle from the speakers. She listened to his thoughts on the song. "No, I enjoy classical music just fine. It certainly isn't what Miki-kun spins down at the club, but I have a few CDs of the old great ones in my apartment, Beethoven being one of them. It's a welcome respite from all the techno and bass."

She took in his compliment as well, with a coy smile to match his. "You're such a ladies man, Tsuchiya-sempai. You must flirt with every woman who crosses paths with you. Not that I mind. If I soothe your eyes, I am indeed glad that you find me so...therapeutic to watch. And remember, O Wandering Prince...flattery will get you everywhere."

OOC note: if this keeps up, we may need to stop awhile to allow Jury and Wakaba to finish their meeting before we head to see Jury. Jury-mun, if you need us to wait up, just comment.
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