Nanami Kiryuu (kiryuujewel) wrote in setebos_city,
Nanami Kiryuu

Single Winged Angel

Return to solid ground was made with only moderately more alleviated feelings then her trip on the feriswheel had been. She had a headache and felt distinctly nauseous, not all caused by the whirling motion of the ride, but her tiara had been rightened again and her features where a mask of haunt nonchalance.

Small and more elegantly appareled then the jean and t-shirted individuals of Mayhem, she was dwarfed by the stream of people that moved between the pathways of the rides and game booths, standing apart from that shifting group the way a moth would from a storm of butterflies. Instead she was a figure of crimson against near the food stands that had begun to close down for the night.

“Got the time?” The voice was male and oiled, the slide of sewer water in the drain.

She turned her head the slightest bit to glance at the stranger who had approached her. Nearly twice her age and with hair bleached to the point that it was simply stark white he appeared the epitome of low class bum. Despite her seeming composure her patience was a tightly strung thread. She lifted a hand just high enough so that the pale flesh of her wrist could be seen.

“Why in the world would a wear a watch with this dress?”

She turned away, meaning to quit his company and find a place where she wouldn’t continue to be approached by those she had no desire to keep the company off. Her flight was halted with the rough fingers of a calloused hand closed around the minute circumference of her wrist and squeezed. Her lips parted in a gasp that was born more of surprise than pain.

“Haughty little thing, aren’t you.”

Her eyes ignited and she lashed out with her free hand to strike him. He caught it and dragged the length of her body against his, yanking them both backwards behind the line of dumpsters where the park bordered the empty streets and the emptier port. She felt the hardness of his erection against her abdomen which only succeeded in enraging her further, her screams stifled by the clamp of his mouth over her lips. She fought against him, sinking scarlet nails into the back of his hand when her struggles only caused him to moan against the tongue. He cursed, releasing her as if she had suddenly caught fire.

She turned to run, and hit the stone wall of a human chest. Two more of the bleached haired men had emerged from the shadows. The one she’d ran into struck her, fist clashing with the side of her head and propelling her back until her shoulder struck the dumpster. The clatter of weight against thin metal was unheard over Mayhem’s sounds of revelry and music.

“The little slut scratched me!” Eyes like voids of ink and shadow turned on her with a chilling blend of lust and hate. “You’re gonna regret that, bitch”

“My big brother will kill you when he gets here!” For the moment fear was a backseat to anger. Touga would come for her. He’d always protect her…wouldn’t he?

The trio laughed at her bravado, the sound of a pocket knife blade clicking free of its sheath in harmony with the sounds of cruel mirth.

“Whoever he is, by the time your brother finds you, you won’t be recognizable. Hold her down Kane.”

She fought the hand that reached out to grip her waist, driving her knee into the groin of her assailant. He doubled over, grabbing her leg when she attempted flight again. The folds of the crimson gown tangled around her legs possessively, and she fall, gossamer fabric tearing with the plunge. The edge of the dumpster tore at her hip, and blood spilled to stain the dress’ material an even dark shade. She screamed as a hand grabbed her hair savagely, twisting in the blonde locks, but the sound was equated with the euphoric cries of the amusement park’s patrons. Her arms flailed, blindly seeking limb or body part to claw, stilling only with the cold metal of the knife caressed her throat. The one holding her spat and she felt a glob of saliva run down her arm, body shivering in revulsion.

“Shit, Dev, you sure picked a hellcat.”

The man who had approached her, Dev apparently surged forward with a lecher’s grin. “Yea, but she’s looker. And I’ve got a thing for blondes.” He un-zipped his jeans, drawing the erection she’d felt against her stomach into full view. “Let’s find out if the curtains match the carpet.”

“Don’t touch me! You’re going to die! Touga will-”

“Shut the fuck up!” The blade bit into her skin and she felt blood trickle down her neck and a rough hand squeeze her breast. “Another word and that’s it. We don’t really need you alive for this.”

Night air bit against her skin as her dress was torn away, shredded into strips of crimson silk that hung in a mauled fashion. Hungry eyes roved the ridges of satin undergarments and Nanami turned her face away, squeezing her eyes shut. Fear drowned her, suffocating her brain and blending with nausea as a blistered hand crept up her leg towards her thighs and a heavy weight lowered itself against her legs.

He hadn’t come. Touga wasn’t there to save her, to protect her. Her heart broke and her body became corpse-like in its still-ness. It was a violation of the worse kind; they’d stolen the mirage of her prince, and now they were about to take her innocence.
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