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Setebos City

Step On Dreams Like Broken Glass

The Rose Island
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The night life in this city is constantly lit up and moving. From the club going ravers to the sleezy prostitutes that walk down the streets when the lights go out. In the heart this corruption rests Club Ohtori; the most popular establishment in town where the men are wealthy, the girls cat call right back, and with the right connections you can fight for the right to revolutionize the world.

An alternate reality Shoujo Kakumei Utena RPG
Darker, dirtier, and more dangerous than before.
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Setebos City - Where Fallen Stars Litter the Streets
--The community for the players of Club Ohtori. Setebos is the city surrounding the notorious Ohtori from the fast paced streets, to the quieter district, to the bayside beaches, it's an enigmatic and rather unusual place to live.

An island city, Setebos is surrounding on all sides by water, the only way to and from the mainland being ocassional ferries and boats though, unless you own one, there are very few of those. Still it's a place of wide trade, endowed with all the latest technology and then some, and a veriable melting pot of opportunity and enterprise.

There are secrets here. No doubt about it.

The Basics - How This City Is Set Up
--This is a journal to be used for posts that are set outside of the Club or the Dueling Highway, mostly posts held at the character's homes. Anything goes here, however explicit post rules still apply; place them behind a cut with a warning.

In order to prevent atmosphere confusion other month or so will be dubbed with a season, each week with a weather pattern and every three days or so will have slight variations. he moon cycle will vary as well. When you start your post, it would be advisable to record what the weather is like. Though the weather may change on the profile in your roleplay you can keep the same weather for however long you want, but you need to start the weather in the first post.

Also, any reports of what's been going on in the city or important news speading around (i.e. special events, murders, rumors, etc)) will be posted in the journal by your loving mod so check back often and keep an eye out for the 'Current Events' heading.

The Weather
As the month comes to an end, it closes the doors on the winter season. Spring has begun to replace the chill in the city, though cool breezes lace the warmth of the sun.

The nights are growing shorter and a cresent moon decorates the dark sky once the sun sets. The heavy rains have ended, replaced by a cool, wet air broken only by the icy chill of low breezes.

Within The City Limits
Popular Locations
City Map
Club Ohtori
Pike Revolution
Ohtori Lounge