Sanjouin Chigusa (thewickedqueen) wrote in setebos_city,
Sanjouin Chigusa

Night grows ever deeper; shades of blue become interchangeable.

Chigusa listened intently to the words emanating from this charming man; she demurely sipped at her brew as she took in his conversation. His voice was masculine but pretty; it had a poetic quality that other people's voices seemed to lack. Perhaps it was merely because he was showing her a rare kindness without expecting her to rip off her clothing and fuck him senseless in return...but for one of the few times in her life, she was appreciating someone's company without much in the way of ulterior motive.

Then the waitress approached and addressed him by name. "Tsuchiya-san," she repeated slowly. And then it hit her. "Tsuchiya Ruka? Don't you own some part of the club, or something? Stock, or promoting one of the girls? The investor's names float around that place in nearly every other statement." Her question was mainly rhetorical; she didn't expect a response. She was only musing aloud to herself.

And then..."Arisugawa-kun?" She nearly choked on her coffee, sputtering on the bitter liquid before finally getting it down. "You know her well enough to get away with calling her that?" She couldn't help it now: she was laughing, rubbing her eyes in mirth. "As for her...I keep up with her because she's my boss, and it's a living. Money is money. And she doesn't go out of her way to make people miserable...except for me, on occasion. But then again, I do the same to her, and fair is fair. As for frolicking in her authority...oh, yes. That, that she does do."

Pause. "She seems to get along quite well with the DJ and his sister, though...and there's always that artist around the club who looks at Jury and thinks no one sees. Takatsuki-san." Pregnant pause; did this man know Shiori as he knew Jury? "I've bought art from her on occasion...but it seems Takatsuki is always around Arisugawa-san. She must be doing one hell of a piece for her, if that's what it is she's doing." Any idiot could see that Jury (or anyone) wouldn't buy art often enough to warrant Shiori's frequent prescence at the club...and anyone with sharp eyes and ears could discern the basic reason why. But Chigusa would not elaborate beyond what she had already said. Oh, no. Let these things work themselves out, then move in, fangs bared and venom ready, for the kill.

When it came to the world of the serpentine, the viper would be a more accurate description for this twisted queen of hearts than the constrictor. Allow your prey to make their own way through the world, and they'll trip themselves up every time...and then the attack. Quick and lethal, no messy crushing and twisting.

Chigusa was grinning now, positively chesire-like in her turn of good fortune. "Pardon my asking, but if you would be so kind, would you possibly accompany me back to the club? I will need to explain my sudden abscence to Arisugawa-san...perhaps you could temper her inevitable fit of anger?" Her smile turned seductive, sexy. Her eyes shone in the way they always did when she cast her net. "Besides, I would be honored to re-enter that bastion of sin with such an impeccable gentleman such as you on my arm."
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